A strategy under development by Physiotarget® to optimize physiology, based on genomics, AI, and computational biology

Genochem® is a registered brand associated with the development of Physiotarget® in the field of pharmacogenomics. Our activity began with the repurposing of drugs by computational biology against molecular targets of solid tumors. With this approach, we aim to identify the genotypes compatible with specific personalized drug treatments, that is, to establish effective ways of using drugs for each individual’s genetic composition.

We investigate potential molecular targets’ expression with the cellular signaling pathways that contain them to modulate these pathways for minimizing deleterious symptoms and maximizing patients’ benefits. We also use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to search for genetic determinants based on the same disease’s different phenotypes. Knowing these determinants and their interaction with environmental conditions allows us to understand how to optimize the individual’s physiology according to his genetic composition.

Finally, we apply computational modeling techniques to compare networks that characterize gene relationships between diseased tissues and reference tissues (e.g., healthy)